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FIRSTavenue drives innovation within the private markets by making strategic investment in Frictionless Markets
FIRSTavenue Partners, a globally regulated placement agent focused on private funds, is excited to announce its strategic investment and partnership with Frictionless Markets.
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Digital Securities
Securities Protocol Frictionless Markets and the impact of regulation!
With cryptocurrency markets exploding over the past few years, it’s not surprising to see regulators worldwide putting many crypto projects under a microscope as they look to enforce compliance bound by financial law.
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Frictionless Protocol Smart Contracts Successfully Audited by Hacken.io
We are excited to share a significant milestone in our journey toward building a secure and reliable institutional securities tokenization and settlement ecosystem.
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Frictionless Institutional Deposit Tokens are now available in eight global currencies on Avalanche🚀
Our Luxembourg securitization structures and funds network enable Managers to launch compliant tokenized funds in the private markets in minutes. Frictionless Institutional Deposit Tokens enable Investors to invest in private placements instantly, securely and risk-free at low cost in multiple currencies.
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The Frictionless protocol enables payment and settlement in Circle USDC
Following the successful launch of Frictionless Institutional Deposit Tokens on Avalanche before Christmas, the Frictionless team has launched ERC20 Swap contracts enabling the payment and settlement of investments in USDC, offering investors worldwide the chance to access premier tokenized funds natively in USDC.
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