TOKENIZING the next trillion dollars of transaction in the private MARKETS

Frictionless Markets enables GPs and Managers to structure and administer funds, run capital raising and distribution by leveraging huge the efficiency and global distribution power of seamless tokenization.

our ECOSYSTEM partners


We are the first firm compliant with the blockchain laws of Luxembourg, providing legal issuance and distribution of digital securities on a global scale. Our innovative approach enables Managers and Funds to distribute future cash flows to Investors anywhere in the world in seconds in return for investment.

We are the Leading Innovators

At Frictionless, we have designed, built and operationalised a ground-breaking technology that enables funds to be fractionalized & traded between permissioned Investors for as little as 5 cents per trade.

Our core principle of open innovation means we have gone a step further that any competitor by open sourcing our tokenization stack to deepen and strengthen the eco-system for all markets participants.

AND Track Record

Our team, technology & practice is built around the trailblazers of private credit & private infrastructure with a track record of $30Bn of capital raises for clients.


Our value proposition is simple, Frictionless provides the wealth opportunities of THE private MARKETS to millions of Investors in the global wealth market.

Begin Your Tokenization Journey

Contact our Institutional Sales Team to learn how you can tokenize and automate all aspects your fund lifecycle, eliminate your cash drag, and legally distribute to LPs and Investors globally via our institutional partner network.


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